Ecco Stove – The Simple Biomass Heating Solution

The Ecco stove is unique in the way it heats through the home without the need for plumbing ducting or power assistance. As such we have a range of Ecco Stoves capable of heating 1 – 12+ rooms and all they require is a standard flue / chimney installation and the doors within the home to be left open. Combined with the amazing heat retention properties of silicon carbide a stove still releases heat through the home 7-12 hours after the fire has gone out.
In addition to our Ecco Stove, we supply and install a wide range of wood burning stoves, including Caminos and Jacobus stoves.

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Using new and old technology combined with the unique material silicon carbide, the Ecco Stove produces low frequency heat waves that permeate through the home as the stove creates its own natural convection. As heat is generated it passes through the doorways of each room at a high level and as it cools it is pulled back towards the stove simultaneously, room by room, floor by floor.

Can’t a conventional wood burning stove achieve this?

Unless you had exposed flooring with gaps and the stove positioned in exactly the right place with a good level of external insulation and a small property it would still just be a maybe. Steel and cast iron release the heat at a higher frequency making it difficult for the heat to leave the initial room before over heating it making them great room heaters but poor home heaters.

What about a boiler stove?

Boiler stoves allow you to transfer a portion of the heat produced by the stove into your water system but as a down side you need to power the pump system, annual maintenance is required for safety, you have to burn them very inefficiently often causing creosote build-up within the chimney and a higher risk of chimney fires and generally you have to fuel them every two hours or so to produce enough heat for the central heating system. The Ecco stove is still distributing heat 12 hours after the fire has gone out meaning you can fire the stove efficiently and only very basic maintenance required each year.

What about alternative biomass heating such as pellet stoves?

Pellet stoves offer a better alternative to boiler stoves but require a continual feed of another produced fuel and as such increase the ongoing heating cost or will be similar to that of a conventional central heating system. The Ecco stoves balanced heat provision in the home on typically two firings a day using wood logs or smokeless fuel and heat storage potential makes for a more efficient use the fuel provided and is typically ½ to 1/3rd of the cost to install.

What Next?

If you would like to see how the Ecco stove could solve your home heating requirements you can call and arrange a site survey on 01527 857814 or via this link contact us. Alternatively if you have a floor plan of your property and can send us a copy we will send you a heat plan detailing suggested temperatures through the home and indications of annual fuel usage.

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